Integral Education. Train the Trainer | New integral trainings at interkultura in 2017 ONLINE

Our new Train the Trainer Program is explicitly based on Integral Theory and will serve as an invitation to other educators and students to explore how elements of Integral Theory might support their own efforts towards embracing more inclusive, comprehensive, and integral education.”Integral” means many things to many people, and the same is true for our “Integral Train the Trainer” program. For us the integral approach means to integrate the best of conventional and alternative approaches to Trainer Training. Our integral model situates progressive educational ideas within a larger transdisciplinary web of ideas about culture, psychology, philosophy, science, etc., and aims at equipping all levels of trainers and leaders with the right tools to be effective teachers and facilitators, including key aspects such as training planning, designing, delivering, and evaluating. Our goal is to produce highly qualified trainers who can undertake courses autonomously. More information and registration here.

Presentation at SIETAR AUSTRALASIA Conference | 24-25, 2016  November in Sydney, Australia

bildschirmfoto-2016-09-20-um-14-22-57SIETAR Australasia in co-operation with the University of Sydney Business School are holding a conference with the theme: Intangible culture: Migrants’ contribution to (global) cultural heritage. The aim is to explore how migrants have contributed to the creation of intangible and tangible cultural heritage in Australia and globally.  The call for proposal are open now! We are open to variety of other topics dealing with culture, multiculturism and intercultural relations. More information here

Change Management in Multicultural Context 

shift happensIn the modern market economy, we have to deal with rapid change. They cover both the external environment of the organization (including ever-increasing competition, changing requirements and expectations of customers, technology development or mergers and acquisitions), as well as the interior of the same organization (internal restructuring, business development and management vision). In order to effectively support international companies on their way to make changes we have prepared a special training addressed to the change leaders, who are responsible for the implementation of the changes in the organization… read more

EU Project Erasmus with Italy and Turkey |  2017 in Aydin, Turkey

Together with the Institute for Global Integral Competence we are partner again at the Erasmus + Project: Teaching English Motivatedly for Adult Students. This project has the scope to bring together the different participating partners target groups, that is adult students who will have the opportunity to visit and meet their counterparts in different countries, to exchange the experience of learning a second language. The representatives of some institutions operating in different european countries in the field of language teaching found to have common problems and exigences, to make their teaching action more useful. There are partners from Italy, Sportello Elp and Turkey, Aydin Egitim,Kultur Sanat Dernegi involved in this project… read more


EPICNZ Conference |  27 May 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand

EPICNZ (Ethnic People in Commerce New Zealand) is an annual conference facilitated by the Office of Ethnic Communities to bring together New Zealand’s business people, ranging from those at the outset of their business careers to experienced leaders. This year with a key focus on Innovation, Diversity and Building Connections.

The 2016 Conference provides a forum for attendees to:

  • build connections and network with other ethnic and local and international business communities (including Maori, Pacific and Ethnic businesses)
  • engage with ideas about emerging issues, trends and opportunities
  • hear from successful business people
  • discover opportunities for business expansion and collaboration
  • explore potential markets and trading opportunities…read more


Dr. Anna Storck with Dr. Edwina Pio, New Zealand’s first Professor of Diversity and Puspa Lekinwala from NZ Indian Central Association

Intercultural Leadership Training | 6-8 May 2016  in Paeroa New Zealand

One of the answers to the question: why the leader of the future needs intercultural competence goes binned creating better relationships across cultures. We need the perspective of different cultures in order to live the story of humanity of the future, we are oneness, and as we speak different languages we see the world from the different point of view,collective intelligence, for all solutions we need. As much as anything, the world today needs mature mentors and initiators to support young people to grow into visionary artisans of cultural change, the new leaders who will guide humanity through the transformation that the greater Earth community wholly depends upon. Project funded by Ministry of Social Development…read more

2nd European Integral Conference | 4-8 May 2016 in Siófok, Hungary

2nd integral european conferenceThe conference aimed to create an arena to reflect: What does it take to reinvent Europe from an embodied integral perspective, synchronizing different value-systems? Integral practitioners from all over Europe and the world met at the shore of beautiful Lake Balafon in Hungary to share the latest insights from all areas of integral theory and practice, such as politics, business, education, medicine, psychology and more. We experienced an innovative conference format: seamlessly interweaving crisp presentations, juicy transformational workshops and heart-opening communal events. Connect with us on Facebook and join for the next big gathering in Europa in 2018!

2nd integral conference

Institute for Global Integral Competence| March 2016 workshop at Integral Base in Diessen

IfGIC team met together to clarified the idea of “Cosmopolitan Communication” and how tis can be activated. If you are interesting in these questions, please come to IfGIC.


Intercultural Team Development | January 2016 trainings in Poland

banner_interkulturaAn intercultural team can be of great advantage when it comes to solving complex problems, as different points of view are coming together. At the same time, cultural diversity comes along with some diffculties. Entrepreneurs often underestimate the cultural implications of such a cooperation. We dive head first into joint projects, true to the motto: “I’m sure it will be fine,” without investing much time in the preparation of our employees or considering potential complications. Only well into the business relationship do we realize the problems of international cooperation… read more

iBook Train the Trainer | available now!

iBook_DE iBook Train the Trainer is a unique interactive manual for intercultural trainers . The concept of training is constructed in the likeness of routing, in which the trainers will find numerous information about the structure and course of the training. There are both practical tips and theory with actual examples in the form of video sequences from my trainings, relevant images and ready presentations PPP . Trainers can use the examples in their own practice, coaching taking all one to one , or choose some of its parts and used in many different combinations….read more


Leadership For Women | new trainings at interkultura in 2015


In today’s large organization, as women climb up the corporate ladder they vanish. While the statistics vary slightly around the world, this is an extremely consistent pattern. At the lowest levels, more than half of the employees in organizations are female. As you move to each successively higher level in the organization, the number of women steadily shrinks. At the CEO level, worldwide, there are only 3% to 4% who are women. We find this to be a puzzling, even mysterious phenomenon when you examine the hard data that describes the overall success that women have when placed in successively higher leadership positions. It is even more curious when you analyze the success they have in those functional areas that have traditionally been dominated by males….read more

Berlin Change Days | 6-8 November 2015 in Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Change Days is the global Agora for people who are passionate about organizational and personal development. It provides a forum where practitioners meet to look at trends, hear about new tools, network and celebrate. The theme this year was: From Change to Transformation, or how to intervene with passion and compassion. This annual conference: a gathering of 150 change practitioners around the world created a beautiful space in which people can connect, and talk about the issues of their concern and be a change they want to see in the world… read more

FUGIC Forum | 17-19 September 2015 University of Federal Armed Force in Munich, Germany

GIC-matrixFlying University of Global Integral Competence promotes “Cosmopolitan Communication (CC)”, which is a communication form in the second tier (yellow and turquoise) of the human evolution. Each individual cannot grasp the whole concept of CC, but we all together are able to draw a big blueprint of CC by using “integral map” and “tools” (transparent communication, integral dialogue etc.). FUGIC is a new co-creating integral learning platform for all people who want to apply CC to our social reality – healthwealth and peace.

Auckland University of Technology | 13 July 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-17 um 15.38.08Dr. Anna Storck requested and was granted the opportunity to teach Intercultural Communication (146719) and Communicating Study (146734) as a lecturer at the School of Communication on AUT Auckland.

TALK To ME Conference | 3-6 July 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand

logoDr. Anna Storck was the project coordinator of this Youth Welcome Diversity Project. Our most basic aim here was to create an opportunity for people from various cultures to get to know each other and share their visions, hopes and dreams for the future. We opened a dialogue between us and discussed what our future and living in peace might look like. The dialogue was challenging, disagreements were arised, but new perspectives were born as well… read more


IFGIC Unit Auckland was founded, 22 January 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand

ifgic logoInstitut for Global Integral Competence (IFGIC) promotes cosmopolitan communication by developing global integral competence and practicing transparent communication and integral dialogue. This form of communication requires the development of a new level of awareness – global integral competence – which incorporates a more complete picture of human experience. Using a highly interactive format, IFGIC looks at this competence through four perspectives of understanding: mindculturebrain and system. … read more

4th Cross Cultural Health Care Conference | 16-17 January 2015  in Honolulu, Hawai’i, USA

honoluluIdentify the role of culture in the delivery of care in various healthcare settings (e.g., clinic, hospital, community-based). Demonstrate whether healthcare information (both verbal and written) is presented in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. Utilize existing cross-cultural healthcare resources to aid in the delivery of care and/or conduct of research… read more

Integral Business Training  | new trainings at interkultura 

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-22 um 15.58.39This is a unique training course designed exclusively for Senior Managers and Directors. This transformational program includes and integrates the work of some of the leading management thinkers of our age. You will learn how to implement these ideas and utilize them in transforming your business. We recommend a holistic approach which is necessary in order to achieve success in the organization and become even more effective as a leader learning emerging ways of managing in the new millennium.



What can you expect?

  • Become even more effective as a leader and enable your organisation to become more cost efficient and profitable.
  • Learn emerging ways of managing in the new millennium.
  • Discover new ways of creating and motivating successful teams.
  • Understand how to manage people by recognising and respecting the needs and motivations of yourself and others.
  • Explore exciting new ways of creating and delivering messages which achieve success.
  • Learn how to manage your thinking, beliefs, values and behaviours more effectively.
  • Discover powerful and ethical ways of influencing and persuading others.
  • Learn, practice and develop new, exiting leading-edge techniques for making and delivering presentations

FUGIC Forum | 22-24 November 2014  in Berlin, Germany

FUGIC HealthFlying University of Institute for Global Integral Competence celebrates and experiences a new format of learning and exchanging on communication for people who are interested in: Communication for personal and social evolution for healing, for organizational change, for peace making, for Communication of our future!Multiculturalism. How to deal with it?


More information in our Integral Handbook (PDF) download Flyer_FUGIC Health PDF


Berlin Change Days | 31 October – 2 November 2014 in Berlin, Germany

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-16 um 10.53.59

The Berlin Change Days is the net­work and learn­ing event for those who are pas­sion­ate about pos­i­tive change in indi­vid­u­als and orga­ni­za­tions. Keynotes and work­shops deal with very dif­fer­ent aspects of change man­age­ment, e.g. new, unusual approaches, meth­ods and tools. See what participants say about the event. read more

“This event has made me realize that change-setting is never too late. We always have ample time. We just have to jumpstart it in our unique individual contexts and capacities. There will always be like-minded individuals who are willing to join.”


Project New Zealand: SBN’s 2014 | 17-18 September 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand

Project NZWe are part of shaping New Zealand. We joined leaders from around the world who gather to explore the latest trends and identify tangible steps to transform our business and community. Project New Zealand, our 2014 national conference, launched a new approach to business transformation called ‘The Big Shift’ (#theBIGshift). Created by our partner Forum for the Future (UK), one of the world’s leading sustainability organizations, the approach is a simple and effective method to identify practical ways of bringing about change….read more

WISDOM 2.0 Europe |16-17  September 2014 in Dublin, Ireland

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-26 um 14.24.16


“The conversations at Wisdom 2.0 on mindfulness in business and society are some of the most critical of our time.” M.Bertolini

Our first ever European event! Join us in September at Google’s Headquarters in Dublin. Familiar faces from the Wisdom 2.0 community will join European business leaders, meditation teachers, and tech gurus….read more


IfGIC Forum | 5-6 September 2014 in the World House in Wetten, Germany

IfGIC_logoInstitute for Global Integral Competence invited all interested in a New Stage of Evolution to the forum about Cosmopolitan Communication. Dr. Anna Storck facilitated a Workshop for Peace together with Rita Brown (USA). The purpose of this workshop was to bring peace home. Participants were deepen their awareness and came up with practical ways to address a current personal or professional conflict. Practical tools for accessing information beyond the rational mind were shared in this experiential workshop. Attendees took different perspectives on issues using developmental lens and honor the transcendence and inclusion of their world views… read more


SIETAR Congress 2014 | 26-29 June in Vancouver & Sts’ailes, Canada

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-16 um 12.55.46The SIETAR Congress 2014 “Shaping Identity: Land, People, Systems” was co-organised by Young SIETAR and SIETAR BC. During the congress we explored Identity and how the land, it’s changing climate and our relationship to it as indigenous peoples, colonisers and settlers or as recent immigrants shapes that identity. Whilst using the locality of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada as a starting point we expanded the dialogue to a wider world…read more

FAIR VENTURE Congress 2014 | 2-4 Mai 2014 in Berlin, Germany

“Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme—but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being” from Charles Eisenstein….read more

“In order to find your way, you must get lost. There’s a vast territory for what we’re leaving behind, and where we want to go. We don’t have any maps for that journey.” – Charles Eisenstein

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-16 um 12.58.31

1st European Integral Conference | 8-11 May 2014 Budapest Hungary


Integral thinking in Europe comes in new forms and manifestations. This community has been eagerly waiting to meet each other. We gather to witness and celebrate “The Emergence of Integral Consciousness in Europe”. An estimated number of 500 people from approximately 20 countries all across Europe and overseas guests met in beautiful Budapest. We helped the birthing of a European identity that will also represent the continent in the global integral movement. Dr. Anna Storck was representing IfGIC and provided together with Dr. Kazuma Matoba workshop about Global Integral Competence…read more


February 2014 | Article from Dr. Anna Storck in Personel PLUS, Poland

Multiculturalism. How to deal with it? We are no longer so naïve as to think we can simply bring people from all parts of the world together and expect them to integrate or work together. Multiculturalism is a complexissue with potential for both disaster and opportunity. Is it time to revisit our approach to diversity? Nowadays, Poland possesses perhaps the most culturally homogenous society in the whole of Europe population of 36 million people who are overwhelmingly Polish-speaking by language, and overwhelmingly Roman Catholic by religion, and overwhelmingly patriotic in their political views. This present state of affairs – of an exclusively Polish Poland – differs radically from the picture of Poland as it existed for more than a thousand years up to the Second World War. Historic Poland as distinct from the Poland of today, was a multinational state of vast proportions. At one time between the 15th and 17th centuries, it was absolutely larger than Russia and was not only the homeland of most of the Poles in Europe, but also the homeland of almost all the Ukrainians, Belorussians and Lithuanians, of several million Germans, and of the principal Jewish community in the world… read all   (PDF document in Polish)

January 2014 interview with Dr. Anna Storck in PLUS BIZNES, Poland

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-19 um 20.04.01“What does YES mean in India?” and other cross cultural competence and solutions to international business”. In our globalized and outsourced/off shored world we are now working across different cultures and communication styles. This has given rise to a number of cultural challenges, further exacerbated by working remotely across distance and time zones. So what we may take for granted in terms of working style and communication in Poland, for example, can be very different in other cultures, giving rise to misunderstandings, time delays and poor business relationships. This of course impacts the bottom line! The short but very powerful word “yes” encapsulates and reflects cultural differences and is one of the biggest sources of frustration and loss of trust. How is this so? read all  (PDF document in Polish)

Femina Magna | new trainings at interkultura3

FM logoFemina Magna is a specific workshop dedicated to all women, who are on the way to break the standard way of thinking and  open to the new possibilities. The most important component on this way is trusting yourself, your wisdom, the power of who are, and the inspiration that has led you to this moment. Trust that the  experience will unfold exactly as it has meant to, that the women who are meant to learn with and from each other will show up, and that whatever transformation is ready to happen will happen through your presence and the Femina Magna process… read more 

Innovative “ME” Integral Conference Poland | 13-14 November 2013 in Gdynia, Poland

Integral Meetings in Poland are every time trying to SPIN2013understand the modern world, putting a coherent model that describes our reality. This year, we tried to search for answers to the question of how to live our life in turbulent times. At the same time we were looking for connections in remote areas. We extended our vision both in breadth and in depth read more…

SIETAR Niederlande Seminar |15 Juni 2013 in Utrecht, Netherlands

nederlandIntegral Competence for the future. Training-seminar contacted by Dr. Anna Storck for SIETAR Nederland.  In this seminar we try to answer the question: what are the necessary competences that enable us to cooperate interculturally in a proudly and joyful way. Anna’s vision is, that effective intercultural cooperation takes more than cultural knowledge and skills.  In her opinion, to solve the world’s problems, we need to take a more integral approach by changing the way we communicate our message across cultures… read more

Integral Forum Germany Conference | 14-16 Juni 2013 in Nürenberg, Germany


Integral Forum is a non-profit organization. INTEGRAL stands for a comprehensive, balanced and holistic world view. To paraphrase Albert Einstein: we cannot solve todays complex and global problems on the same level on which they came into being. Such a new level of complexity is offered by the Integral approach which is presented in an exemplary way by the American philosopher and transdisciplinary thinker Ken WilberForum 2013 theme was: We are shaping the future. Be conscious together, get involved, make a difference… read more

Integral Theory Conference | 18 -21 July 2013 in San Francisco, USA

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-16 um 14.27.53Connecting the Integral Kosmopolitan. The world’s largest academic conference devoted to the field of Integral Theory and practice. The Integral Kosmopolitan has this expansive understanding of the integral field—one that sees integral as a broad and diverse tradition constituted of multiple authors, lineages, and influences. This focus builds on the momentum of the opening talk of the 2010 conference, as well as several of the key papers presented there, all of which shared an interest in advancing the field of Integral Theory by seeing Ken Wilber’s AQAL vision as a profound and seminal contribution, serving as a solid basis for expanded enactments of Integral Theory read more

SIETAR Congress 2013 | 18-22 September 2013 in Tallin, Estonia

Global Reach, Local Touch,  This congress aims to help you gain an insight into the way people in other countries think, work and behave. It is as well a chance to tell them about your own way of life and working practices. Ultimately, it will make you more successful in your professional life, whether you deal with diverse colleagues at home or abroad – trying to help each other and others to be able to put into practice “Global Reach: Local Touch” in how we think and behave and exercise our professions… read more 

Dr. Anna Storck ON AIR! Live, Radio MULTICULT, on 22 Januar 2013 in Berlin, Germany

Funkhaus Europa is an international and an intercultural radio broadcasting program from Germany Westdeutschen Rundfunks Köln (WDR) and Radio Bremen, in the cooperation with the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB). multicult.fm stands for a respectful and integrative approach towards the diversity of this region. Dr. Anna Storck together with Kazuma Matoba were talking about Global Integral Competence. Live with Kevin Brooker! Stream here


Train The Trainer – Integral Study | new trainings at interkultura

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-17 um 16.06.25The Train-the-Integral-Trainer Program is a unique training program for educators that brings the experience of instructors and participants together with the modern developments in the field of positive psychology, neuroscience and the most effective methods aimed at learning both cognitive and affective as well as the action-oriented ones. In this way the teacher, the students, and the classroom engage in transformative processes through various practices of awareness, interaction, and organization. As an integral teacher Dr. Anna Storck create a programme trying to integrate the best components of both conventional and alternative approaches to education into a fuller, wider, deeper, more transformative educational space. This space available for our students has at least four irreducible, equally important included in multiple ways dimensions: subjective experience, objective behavior, intersubjective culture, and inter objective systems. This allows me to continually transform myself, serve my students, create multidimensional curriculum. participate compassionately with others and support the health and dynamism of global systems …read more

Foreign Language Drama Festival,  2-5 Mai 2012 in Aydin, Turkey

Iphone_20120406 213In the cooperation with the Association for Cross-Cultural Competence (VIK e.V.) and partners from 5 Europan countries  we organized 1st The Foreign Language Drama Festival. The FLDF has the scope to bring together the different participating partners target groups, that is adult students who will have the opportunity to visit and meet their counterparts in different countries, to exchange the experience of learning a second language, as well as its culture through the study and performance of theatrical plays in any given European language being studied. There are seven partners from different countries and different types of organizations involved in the adult education area, they include partners from: Italy, Finland, Poland, Germany, Spain and Turkey …read more


Integrales Forum Conference, 15-17 June 2012 in  Berlin, Germany

Integral Development – Understanding and Accompanying People, Culture and Systems – One of the key insights and strengths of the integral Approach lies in its acknowledgement of development and development models. At our conference 2012 IF presented how development is being conceptualized in the theories and models of different researches and showcase and how these helpful maps can be used in different areas and applications from coaching, business. gender, leadership through sustainability, politics to psychology, relationships and spirituality… read more


Sommer Camp | 23 July – 11 August 2012 in Abamo Terme, Italy

In a diverse program of seminars, renowned trainers from fields such as coaching, psychology, business, and healthcare met with 500 participants to get the creative juices flowing. The SummerCamp has provided a new world of experience for all participants, experience with their inner selves, the outer world, and their professional fields. In the weekend 29-30 July took place the Future Congress at the same location. Most of the camp trainers and interesting guests talk about their work  read more


Radio Multicult FM | Kevin Booker (✞)  speaks with  Dr. Anna Storck and Dr. Kazuma Matoba, Berlin Germany


SIETAR FORUM 2012+38, International Conference 27-29 September 2012 in Berlin, Germany

SIETAR-Conf2Everybody is talking about the need for radical change, and some are even starting to see solutions in each field: politics, medicine, economics, society, etc. However – and most of us forget – “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” (Einstein) To solve the problems, we have to move to the next level of consciousness and communication.  We “interculturalists” are confronted, in our working areas, with the question of which intercultural competence is going to be required for the level of “cosmopolitan communication” in the future. To answer this question we need a good future-oriented “map“ that can show us the evolutionary process of communication. In the SIETAR Forum 2012+38 we went, on the basis of a map (AQAL Model from Ken Wilber), one step towards the paradigm shift of intercultural communication by dealing in numerous events with the following questions:

  1. How shall our communication in the future (2050) – cosmopolitan communication – be?
  2. How can intercultural competence be developed in order to make “cosmopolitan communication” possible?
  3. How can various training approaches in areas of mind, brain, culture and system be integrated?


Neuroscience for Trainers | Workshop conducted by Dr Anna Storck at the SIETAR Forum in Berlin



We would be happy to talk with you about your department or organization’s needs and possible solutions. Please us for further information about what we can do to assist you.