intercultural trainings

Intercultural Leadership Training | Paeora 2016

In the cooperation with St Heliers Centre Auckland and Carehouse Paeroa we organised from 6-8 May 2016 in Paeroa an Intercultural Leadership Training for young people.  Our aim was to encourage and empower youth by providing training that promote and enhance the quality of life for themselves, their communities and our world. With the input from the Māori Community and great workshops (form communication training to music session and basketball coaching) led by young people,  we created an open space, seen as an opportunity for young people from various cultures, faiths and no-faith to get to know each other, share their vision, hopes and dreams for New Zealand and for the world. Read more


Talk To Me Intercultural Youth for Peace | Auckland 2015

Our most basic aim here was to create an opportunity for people from various cultures to get to know each other and share their visions, hopes and dreams for the future. Our intercultural training opened a dialogue between us and discussed what our future and living in peace might look like. The dialogue was challenging, disagreements were arise, but new perspectives were born as well.

When we think of cultural differences – we often mean obvious things like differences in language as well as traditional beliefs and customs. However, when we look at a business setting – it’s useful to consider culture in more than one dimension. We could be different in terms of regional culture, but we have a lot in common in terms of corporate and professional culture. When we look at cultural difference purely on the basis of country and language – and pander only to this dimension of culture in our business dealings – we can obsess about nuances that make little difference when it comes to getting business done. The aim of this intercultural training is to enable you to better understand cultural diversity and how to manage it effectively to improve workplace performance. This includes relationships, teamwork, productivity, country knowledge, community relationships etc

 Teaching and Learning for the Future | Berlin 2013

Educational neuroscience is an emerging scientific field that brings together researchers in cognitive neuroscience, developmental cognitive neuroscience, educational psychology, educational technology, education theory and other related disciplines to explore the interactions between biological processes and education. The participants learned implications for education and lifelong learning coming from the recent neuroscience research.

 FLYING UNIVERSITY of Institute for Global Integral Competence | Berlin 2012

YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY | Workshop for Polish-German Students in Wroclaw, Poland

In the cooperation with the Angelus Silesius Meeting House we provide a workshop: Youth for Human Rights and Democracy. We learn and  teach together human rights education in nontraditional educational settings. We aim to reach people from diverse backgrounds, with materials which appeal across cultures. By teaching human rights through all means—from conferences and workshops to hip-hop and dancing—this message has spread around the world.

26 participants from 20 countries catered together to learn the strategies and techniques you need to offer in-depth and culture-specific cross-cultural orientations and take advantage of the opportunity to be trained in the cross-cultural field by Dr. Anna Storck. What did they get at our intercultural trainings?

  • Understanding of intercultural learning concepts
  • Ability to apply adult, experiential learning principles
  • Ability to implement the development of concepts and behavioral strategies via scenarios, specific events, and prior experiences of the participants.
  • Ability to facilitate a participant-focused coaching approach to materials and information