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Our Train the Integral Trainer TIT™ Program is a unique training program for trainers and educators that brings the experience of instructors and participants together with the modern developments in the field of positive psychology, neuroscience, system theory and culture study You will learn the most effective methods aimed at learning both cognitive and affective as well as the action-oriented ones. In this way you as a trainer and your trainees engage in transformative processes through various practices of awareness, interaction, and organisation.

This program focuses on what happens before, during, and after you deliver training, but it main focus is about finding our own passion and mission as a trainer, in order to create a unique personal learning style. It is about how to manage ourselves and our resources in the most optimal way, in order to make meaningful contact with the group and build the most favourable conditions for accelerated learning. It is about the most effective formats and effective trainer tools in order to create our own unique learning space. It is a fascinating adventure with ourselves and our positive emotions and motivation, meaningful goals and satisfying work.

For growing up, just watch a tree. There is a balance. The higher the tree goes, the deeper the roots will go.  – Osho

Train the Trainer in NZ




The growth increases through integration and balance, so we look for certain balance between the development and integrity and promote a conscious, harmonious and steadily developing in the space of ME-WE-SYSTEM. This educational space has at least four irreducible, equally important included in multiple ways dimensions: subjective experience, objective behavior  intersubjective culture, and interobjective systems. Each of these four dimensions has depth and complexity that develops over time. This involves understanding the complex relationship between the capacity to take multiple perspectives, to interact in meaningful ways with others, and to engage in world-centric ethical action.

train the trainer


 The program is designed to provide participants with leading-edge tools for effective training and development skills. After finishing our Trainer Training you will:
  • Get the professional status and credential as a Certified Professional Trainer
  • Gain insights into the role of the integral trainer
  • Enhance market status and confidence to deliver impactful training and consultancy
  • Access to our network, resources and support through our Institute and corporate member base
  • Competency building by staying ahead of peers by building a reputation of delivering impartial, professional trainings
  • Enhance career options and employment opportunities using proven business management and marketing systems to structure your services and attract new clients
  • Provide transferable skills that can be used in various subject areas


This program is ideal for professionals and executives seeking to pursue a rewarding career in training, HR development, career management and other related fields. Practitioners who are responsible for organisational development projects will also benefit from this program. This Certification program will provide a set of tried and tested transferable skills, including communication and organisational skills to explore new career options in specialised roles such as curriculum developers, educational advisors.




Our Train-the-Integral-Trainer TIT™ is based on the AQAL model. This model incorporates four major dimensions of human activity: effectiveness, efficiency, people wellbeing and culture combined with the levels of human and organisational development. It not only provides an Integral Map that enables you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of any issue, but using an Integral Approach can help you to facilitate greater self awareness. Nevertheless our 4Ps of training approach includes additionally: Purpose & Assessment, Planning & Preparation, Presentation & Facilitation, and Performance & Evaluation.

It all helps you to gain a strong foundation in critical training skills and deliver powerful training



Our Train the Integral Trainer Program:

  • includes approaches to education from biological, neurological, societal, cultural, psychological, and spiritual fields of study;
  • involves considering the individual and collective aspects of teachers and students, as well as the interior and exterior modes of experience and reality;
  • considers the many developmental lines in a human being – cognitive, emotional, somatic, interpersonal, artistic, moral, spiritual and others;
  • understands that these lines evolve in stages, or levels, such as pre-conventional, conventional, and post-conventional, and that each human being passes through these levels and cannot skip any one;
  • also acknowledges the importance for an individual’s development and motivation of          states of consciousness;
  • Lastly, it considers types, people’s enduring tendencies and inclinations towards, for example, introversion or extroversion; agency or communion; and orderliness or spontaneity.
 Please read more about applying Integral Approach to the Train the Trainer education here



Our Train-The-Integral-Trainer Program is based on the holistic and integrated approach which values education for human development, and recognises the connectedness of mind, body and spirit. It means that we pay attention to the physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual development of us and of our students as well as of cognitive aspects of learning. We see both our students and ourselves as integrated and interconnected. We recognise learning as a social activity, value collaborative learning and community participation as well as connections to the natural world.


The Train-the-Integral-Trainer Program is rooted in the integral theory. It is a philosophy with origins in the work of Sri Aurobindo and Jean Gebser and promoted by Ken Wilber, which seeks to develop a comprehensive view of man and the world, by trying to pre- modern to integrate modern and post-modern, Eastern and Western world views and spiritual insights and scientific thinking.
Our training consists of different sessions combining short lectures and practical exercises and involves a great deal of interaction. Simulations and team exercises aim to not only identify, but to fully understand the key differences in cultural behavior.    
  • Theoretical short lectures and multimedia presentation
  • Communication exercises. We learn how to improve cross-cultural communication.
  • Case studies – based on specific culture. A case study is a description of a realistic situation including sufficient detail of the perspectives of the different characters to make it possible for the participants in a training program to analyse the problems involved and to determine possible solutions.
  • Simulation of real situations – participants will take over the different roles. Simulation games and role plays. The major and most appropriate purpose of a role play is skill building. It is a training activity where participants take on characteristics of people other than themselves in order to learn how to interact in specific situations with members of a specific culture.
  • Interactive video exercises (viewing recorded situations at work and analysing the different approaches


 Our Train the Integral Trainer Program is based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) which helps in comparing national qualifications systems, frameworks and their levels to make qualifications more readable and understandable across different countries and systems in Europe. It recognises the international standards of training and certification. The quality of the course is secure through the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQAVET) –  a reference instrument designed to help EU countries promote and monitor the continuous improvement of their vocational education and training systems on the basis of commonly agreed references.
All participants who complete the course successfully will receive the INTEGRAL TRAINER CERTIFICATE.  
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If you would like more information about this program, please contact us.