interkultura  was founded in 2006 as intercultural cross cultural training & Consulting by Dr. Anna Storck. We help organizations to overcome the communication challenges they face as they expand internationally and grow their global workforce. We support private and public institutions in their intercultural business. With a world-wide network of international business consultants we have the ability to deliver seminars, workshops and training programs at a venue of your choice, anywhere in the world.




Anna_Storck2013Dr. Anna Storck  is the chief executive of interculture. She is an accomplished and highly experienced ‘people developer’ and trainee teacher with a proven track record of assisting organizations, managers, teams and individuals to attain business goals across culture. She regularly delivers intercultural training courses for international companies around the world and teaches at several colleges and universities. In addition to training and facilitating Anna delivers speeches and gives consultations within a variety of employment contexts on issues such as Valuing Diversity, Working in a Multicultural Context and Leadership… read more

Working languages: Polish, German, English, conversational Italian and Russian.

Basis BartczakDr. Barbara Bartczak is a Senior Associate and Cross-Cultural Trainer with interculture. Basia her holds a PhD in German Culture and Literature from the University of Wroclaw and an expert degree in Organisational and Managerial Communication of Central Connecticut State University New Britain, Connecticut. She has 10 years of experience in conducting intercultural trainings aimed  at supporting managers from all over the world. She worked for corporations, NGOs, small enterprises, government agencies, and local authorities in Poland, Germany,  India, Thailand and Singapore…. read more

Working languages: Polish, German, English.

Mo RiddifordMo Riddeford is English Teacher & Trainer. Mo is from New Zealand, based in Berlin now. His love of effective meaningful conversation has taken him around the world. At the age of 20 he took his first overseas experience trip, first to Australia, then to India, and on to Britain. There he began his engagement with various global organisations, continuing up till today. This journey towards global citizenship has continued for over thirty years. He spent much of 2013 and early 2014 teaching at two Saudi Arabian universities, in order to further test his own principles for successful communication between cultures… read more

Working languages: English, German.

MarekMarek Dobrzecki is a Business Trainer with over 10 years experience in helping clients manage the process of cultural assimilation and integration ‘on both organisational and national levels. With a first career in corporate training management and design at a global financial services firm, Marek gained substantial experience in tailoring learning and development initiatives to meet the needs of senior managers and directors. His geographical areas of concentration are Turkey, North America, and East Asia, specifically Japan, Korea, and China. Marek holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Columbia University in New York, as well as a Master’s degree in Adult Learning from Jagiellonen University in Cracow.

Working languages: English, Polish, speaks also conversational Turkish and Mandarin Chinese.


Our trainers come from various different cultural areas. All of them have a degree in a related field, such as intercultural communication, cultural anthropology, adult education, human resources, organizational development, etc., as well as formal intercultural studies and working knowledge of cultural values research. They are well equipped with many years of global professional experience and at least three years living and working internationally. Facilitator Biographies available upon request.


Ferenc Leuko is from Hungary. He is coach and trainer with 15 years of experience in coaching, training, hr consulting.
References: Allianz, Aegon, BAT, Ericsson, IBM, Michelin, Pfizer, Porsche. Strenghts, key competencies: Training, coaching, hr consulting project delivery for corporate clients. Executive coaching in stress, performance, burn out, change, work-life balance, self-awareness… read more   

Mieko 1-1
Dr. Mieko Fisch – is from Japan. She is an intercultural trainer for Japan and Germany. She is an Expert for understanding of intercultural learning concepts and has a great ability to apply adult, experiential learning principles. She has worked as a trainer with many multinational and Japanese  businesses and organizations, including Sony and the German-Japanese Society.  She is also an author of a number of country guides and articles on cross-cultural transition and adjustment…read more

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-09 um 16.13.06Dr. Christof McBrain is from UK. He is a business consult and trainer for Great Britain. He brings a unique combination of experiences into his consulting and training approach. Formerly involved in spinal cord injury rehabilitation, he has since spent the past 15 years in technical management disciplines. Arguably it is this combination of technical problem-solving and deep behavioral skills understanding that differentiates his work. …read more


Dr. Christian Schmidt-Rost is from Germany. Christian is a highly flexible and adaptable trainer and an excellent communicator with a sensitive approach to important and often complex issues. He has worked in German based multicultural and diversity related services, where his open and encouraging approach to training has resulted in consistently excellent feedback.



Dr jur. Katarzyna Schubert-Panecka is from Poland and based in Germany now. She is lawyer, trainer and intercultural mediator. Dasia is passionate, enthusiastic and totally committed to his specialist areas of diversity, equal opportunities and effective management – encouraging both a heightened awareness of the impacts of inequality and the benefits of embracing diversity….read more



Jerzy Żylak is from Poland. He is business trainer and consultant. He is an accomplished and highly experienced ‘people developer’ with a proven track record of assisting organizations, managers, teams and individuals to attain business goals. Jurek acquired a strong corporate background with Thomas Cook and Anglian Water and has for the past 17 years worked with a vast range of business areas in the private and public sector both in Poland and abroad.


anetaAnita Windpassinger is from Poland and based in Germany now. She is Magister Legum (LL.M), certified trainer and mediator for intercultural competence. Focuses of her work is: cross cultural training, international teambuilding and mediation in an intercultural context. She consults and supports in business and juristic aspects diferent German-East European economics relations. On the client side, Anita has extensive experience in communications counsel work. She collaborated closely with clients to devise strategy on financial, corporate and employee communications, corporate change management initiatives, media relations and crisis management.

Dr. Amor Ayala is from Spain. She is an intercultural trainer for Spain and Latin America. Amor is a fluently bilingual trainer specializing in Business Management and Communication, particularly in the area of negotiation skills, conflict resolution, presentation skills and client service.


Jack of all trades, master of none” is a figure of speech used in reference to a person that is competent with many skills, but spends so much time learning each new skill that they cannot become an expert in any particular one. No one can be an expert at everything, it is why together we are strong.

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